Monday, November 30, 2009

4 Flights Up...

... to a dark blue varnished door. Three locks, two turn clockwise, one counter-clockwise. A tough go if you're winded, exhausted, and a tad inebriated from the down-the-corner cafe's late night carafe of wine. The city click-clacks on to the tune of high-heeled girls stomping with force on the cobble-stoned streets leading up the slight incline to the rows of old apartments. No one seems to sleep at the same time; someone is always up and about, needing to discuss their latest plight, an overblown amd imagined slight to their egos. Thin is all around; eternal movement shakes off any fat pleading to cling to their bodies. The Metro hums and drums underneath the street, kicking up speed at 5:30 in the a.m. and winding its way out and through and back in to the city until it stops to rest at 12:30 in the a.m., smoking its carefully trimmed Gauloises as the mechanics check for leaks and squeaks.

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Apple dans Paris

An Apple store? In the Louvre? How much better can life get for a human being, specifically one of the tourist species. Just un petite temps to get used to the different French/Euro keyboard and I`m off. Prices here a bit different; 1,149 Euros for a 2.26 GHz MacBook 13 Pro. About 2k Americanos. Think I`ll wait until I return stateside to salivate at an Apple store there. There`s even the typical Parisian beggar politely asking for spare change right outside of the store.


Great Idea.

Think I`ll join him; wonder how many handouts would be necessary to acquire said MacBook Pro 13 pouces 2;26 GHz?

Monsieur??!! Monsiur???!!! Est-que vouz have le change pour un Americaine pouvre?

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Au Paris

Apologies to the faithful (few, alas) coming here for some respite from the day. I've been (and am) in Paris for a short visit. Apropos the rainy weather, just returned from a visit to Cimetiere Montparnasse, tracking down the burial spots of Man Ray, Constantis Brancusi, Alfred Dreyfus, Samuel Beckett, and (still trying to figure out the whole point of this grave) Jean Paul Sartre. Nano tunes playing in the background while walking in the appropriate drizzle? Tortoise's TNT. "I Set My Face to the Hillside" was the track that had me floating off my feet as I glided along Allee Lenoir.

Pics to follow at some point later. No pressure at all to see specific sights or do the Parisian things. I've been blessed with a pseudo-native guide that's been put under Paris'spell.

Mais, mainent a tous les gens qui visitez ici...dan une autre temps.


excusez mon tres mal Francaise.

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Monday, November 02, 2009

The Anvil and Its Shadow

Ray Didinger, a quite prescient commentator on football, specifically the travails of the Philly Iggles, commented this morning on last night's defeat of the beloved Phillies to the monsters from up North on I-95, the Yanquis. The Phils, as has been their practice this year clawed back from a 4-2 hole to tie it 4-4 in the bottom of the 8th inning.
In came Philly closer Brad Lidge, the 2008 hero, now the 2009 cursed goat, to close down the Yanquis in the top of the 9th and hopefully give the Phils a chance for another come-from-behind victory. He got 2 outs and then the wheels fell off of the wagon. The Yanquis came up with three runs, Mariano came out of his lair in the bottom of the 9th and put the nails in the coffin of game 4 of the World Series. Yanquis: 7, Phils: 4. Yanquis up, 3 games to 1.

Mr. Didinger's comment? Well, this whole year "...Phillies fans knew there was an anvil somewhere up there in the sky. Last night, the anvil (that is Mr. Lidge)'s shadow covered the field and came down with a thud."
So True.

My heart goes out to Brad Lidge; it just hasn't been his year and, unfortunately, as the Anvil, it doesn't seem like it will one for the Phils.

Now, All I that someone on the Phils remove that smirk from that self-aggrandizing Alex Rodriguez. I heave bile whenever that lying steroid taker is up at bat!

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