Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Au Paris

Apologies to the faithful (few, alas) coming here for some respite from the day. I've been (and am) in Paris for a short visit. Apropos the rainy weather, just returned from a visit to Cimetiere Montparnasse, tracking down the burial spots of Man Ray, Constantis Brancusi, Alfred Dreyfus, Samuel Beckett, and (still trying to figure out the whole point of this grave) Jean Paul Sartre. Nano tunes playing in the background while walking in the appropriate drizzle? Tortoise's TNT. "I Set My Face to the Hillside" was the track that had me floating off my feet as I glided along Allee Lenoir.

Pics to follow at some point later. No pressure at all to see specific sights or do the Parisian things. I've been blessed with a pseudo-native guide that's been put under Paris'spell.

Mais, mainent a tous les gens qui visitez ici...dan une autre temps.


excusez mon tres mal Francaise.

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Well ... you're forgiven (so long as forgiveness doesn't preclude holding on to deep feelings of envy).

Looking forward to more, with photos.
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