Sunday, February 26, 2006

In Nina Simone's Version of...

"Ne Me Quitte Pas" she stumble-starts as if she were struck with aphasia. She's stunned (stunned! I say) that he's leaving. No pleas. Yet. Simply a pained ennui coming from his imminent departure.

"It's necessary to forget everything you need to forget.
Forget the times of the misunderstandings,
the lost times (le temps perdu)...forget the hours...

The flexible lyrics of the song reflect the sorrow and the loss as Ms. Simone sees it and feels it with enough of her own umph! to make them her own (even with the occassional bad French pronunciation).
Yet, enough room lies between "the misunderstandings", "the lost time", the "promises of a kingdom", and a place where "Love will be the King and Love will be the Law" for the insertion of your own reasons why you'd plea Ne Me Quitte Pas.

(This is #4 of Ten Heartbreakers as memed by Whisky Prajer)

This is the best part of a musical meme - learning about new music and artists that I might never have stumbled upon.

Nina Simone is now an artist I want to know more about. Thanks!
I had to listen to all of the ten after Spartacus-- and here's Nina Simone -Beautiful choice, here- another of my favorites from early teen years. I didn't have a lot of money of course and when I was finally able to buy albums I bought two Nina Simone's (along with Erik Satie and Kind of Blue) and love "I think it's going to rain today" - the simple piano and voice. I don't know who has such as expressive voice.

And I noticed Cassandra Wilson as a nearly-made-it - listen to her versoin of U2's Love is Blindness.

And nothing beats John Lee Hooker, I'm a Stranger, I'm a Pilgrim, don't turn me from your door. a heartbroken life. Nice list. Should be obligatory on all blogs.
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