Saturday, February 25, 2006

Number by Heart

Charles Walker, on the same titled 2003 release, has it bad and, after a few repeated listenings, so will you.

A slow long soft blow on the sax. A guitar chops in with an explanation or two. The drummer's on a snail's pace, brushing once, twice, o.k., a third time. Then a light tap on the snare and Mr. Walker starts postulating.

"I'm not sure how this happened.
I didn't meeeean to caaaaaaall.
I must have been thinking of you.
Honey, that's all.
There's so much I should forget.
Here's a real good place to start,
'cuz I still know your number by heart.

Baby, yoooooooou left a memory that stays on my mind
One that keeps on getting stronger and stronger all the time

I have tried a new flame.
But I can't feel the spark.
Woooah, and I wish I didn't know your number by heart....

...and you can see him wandering down the street, shoulders slumping toward Babylon.

..Won't you call the operator and haaaaaave your number changed?
Maybe then I won't be trying to get in touch with you again.

Even though you've found another and I've seen you wear his ring, I would be alright, except for just one thing.
Your love had left a mark and
I wish I didn't know your number by heart.

Things were so simpler (carbon-dating commentary here) before ATT split up....

(This is #3 of Ten Heartbreakers as memed by Whisky Prajer)

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Nobody does da blues quite like those Motown boys...
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