Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Best of 2008

As per Brian Parks, from the Village Voice (is he the only writer still there?), the best New Yorker cartoon of 2008 was Bruce Eric Kaplan's from the Sept. 8th issue.


I'm not sure if I'd agree with that cartoon, although I quibble not with his choice of any of Mr. Kaplan's 2008 cartoons.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Thin Dotted Line Seperates One..

..from needing to be sbottonarsi-ed and from being an attaccabottoni. Largely, it's in one's mind or, if you happen to be on the receiving end of an attaccabottoni's monologue, in your mind.

It's been fairly quiet here lately.
Partially, it's things at work. We've had layoffs and the workload has overflowed into home life.
Partially, it's things bouncing around in my head, awaiting purchase of series of sentences. Mr Whiskey Prajer has prodded me about today's events.
Come on! You figure, I'd have something to write, even if soppy and treacly.

I'm trying WP. I'm tryin'.

Meanwhile, I have updated the 91.3 Morning After site with playlists of the last few shows I've deejayed, along with a full schedule for 2009. WP, notice any familiar performers? Thanks for the introductions!


Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Number

At 4:59:45 EST PM today, the 100,000th visitor to this site arrived, a certain someone from Philly, logging in through their Comcast service. I was off doing domestic chores, so I apologize for not laying our the red carpet, the bouquet of prizes and roses, nor the kiss on both cheeks. I'll do better the next 100,000th time around.

It's a big number and...'s not, considering I've been at this since 1/16/2004. But to loyal readers, friends, curiosity-seekers, and folks that tripped over the Internet doormat and landed face first into this site...

I thank you all for coming around.

The next 100,000 visits are quicker, right?



For those folks meandering back each day in hopes that I'd posted Something... Anything!...I offer apologies, but no excuses.

Luckily, a chop off of the old block has revived himself from a deep sleep and has opened up shop at a new location, The Peppermint Mine.

He provides pics, commentary, and a few videos. All heartily recommended for educational purposes and Montana-related information.

Great Job, Sir!.

I, meanwhile, am working on a few posts, some dating back to early December. My traditional St. Nick's Day posting has yet to be finished!! A minor surprise will be gifted to my patient soon as I fine tune my scanner.

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