Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Number

At 4:59:45 EST PM today, the 100,000th visitor to this site arrived, a certain someone from Philly, logging in through their Comcast service. I was off doing domestic chores, so I apologize for not laying our the red carpet, the bouquet of prizes and roses, nor the kiss on both cheeks. I'll do better the next 100,000th time around.

It's a big number and...'s not, considering I've been at this since 1/16/2004. But to loyal readers, friends, curiosity-seekers, and folks that tripped over the Internet doormat and landed face first into this site...

I thank you all for coming around.

The next 100,000 visits are quicker, right?


Surely Barko has something to say about today's proceedings?
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