Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Galactic Tuneage

For a limited time over @ Relix, you can listen to the stream of the entire new live recording by Galactic to be released next Tuesday.  The Other Side of Midnight: Live in New Orleans was recorded at Tipitina's, the venue of their previous live recording from over 10 years ago.

Crank it as high as those dinky computer speakers can go!   Just see how long you can go before you have to stand up and shake off some of that winter fat.  Time for the hibernation to stop.....Summer and Galactic are coming.  By next week, if you're wiling to shed a few dollars, you can be in your car with Galactic's newest pushing the air around and possibly inviting the local gendarmes to be citing you for community noise violations as this cd can only be played LOUD.

Galactic may be coming into your town.. if they do, you owe it to yourself to haul your carcass down there.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

281 Times

... is the total of attempts that Roger Ebert has filed in the New Yorker Cartoon Caption weekly contest before finally winning.  Geeeezzz!  I entered the 1st one and then followed with an inconsistent 20-25 or so without a bite of even placing among the weekly 3 for the final round.  If it took the much wiser and wittier Mr. Ebert 281 times...  Well, I feel better knowing that and have commenced self-deluding myself that I'm on the cusp.


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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dissing the Hipster...

..continues.  Clipping a hipster is now as easy as those fish in a barrel we always hear about.  Just a pause here...has anyone ever seen live fish in a barrel?

Seems that David Foster Wallace is getting a bad reputation and unfortunately he is no longer amongst us  to defend himself thanks to the Hipster element.  Boston's Phoenix fills in the facts.   People Holding "Infinite Jest" provides photos and comments a la The Unhappy Hipster (h/t to Michael @ Execupundit for cluing me in the latter hilariously quippy site).

This post all started thanks to a tip from the Somerville Scout., if you're a DFW fan ( I confess...his verbal theatrics are a wonder), you may be wanting to read your Pale King at home or, if in public, wrap it in Kraft paper or discarded IRS forms.


Friday, April 15, 2011

Some Issues

As one says when dealing with opinions on nasty subjects, especially thoughts that run counter to "legal" interpretations, I have "some issues" with the news that Ante Gotovina has been convicted of war crimes by the U.N. Court at The Hague.  The war in Croatia has now been over close to 16 years and since it's questionable as to who the winner was, the adage of the victor writing history doesn't apply here.    Were there atrocities committed by all side in this internecine war?  No doubt.  Is there blame to be laid on all sides?  No question.  Can individual combatants, specifically commanding officers, be fingered for culpability?  That's a tough one and Solomon's not around.

Since I have many relatives still over in the Old Country, I receive different information on matters over there.  Certainly, some of it is biased, but a lot of it does not become revealed to the "unerring judgement of journalistic light" until much much later.  A perfect example was the black market shenanigans of the U.N. troops sent over to "guard" the airport in Zagreb.  I heard about the corruption early on in the conflict.  Newspapers such as the NY Times and the Guardian did not tackle this touchy issue until a decade after the conflict was over.  To my knowledge, no one from the U.N. participating countries has ever been prosecuted for the money-grubbing activity.

All I can say is that with my relative sources, the whole Gotovina matter rather stinks.  The alleged culpable miscreants who started the whole mess are still rambling around and no urgency seems to be exercised in closing that end of the matter.  Innocence, not truth, is the first casualty of war.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

There Stands The Glass

Just a short note about a music blog I happened along on, There Stands the Glass.  It's been around since November, 2005.  Simply a well-done, well-updated, Kansas City based music scene blog!   Musical genres covered are of a broad spectrum.  Jazz to folk to R&R to whatever sounds good..or not so good.  Writing is simple and direct; you dont; have to sift to flora and fauna to get to the point.

It's now linked over on the right side with the other music-related sites and blogs.  Go take a peek.


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