Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mysterious Sandwich Saves Philly

Per this article, it seems some sandwich, prepared in the Port Richmond section of town may have been responsible for averting a major vehicular disaster.

Who says Philly sandwiches are heart and life threatening?

The article mentions sausage sandwiches were digested from some restaurant in Port Richmond. Never realized that chomping on sausage was as effective as munching on carrots for improving one's eyesight. But, sausage seemed to do the trick for the eagle-eyed engineer who spotted the rather huge crack in a bridge's support column.

I'm willing to bet the sausage sandwich came from the famous Tacconelli's Pizza joint. I'm sure, there'll be a picture of the engineer, sausage hoagie in hand, posted inside the shop very shortly. So, go with the traditional Philly Sausage Hoagie as the Hero/Hoagie of the Day

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In the Shadows

I've been out of the writing jag for a good two weeks. Sorry, Folks! Had some rather urgent family matters that not only took up quite a bit of home and work time but, frankly, left me drained when any free time magically popped up.

Calm and predictability has set back in and I hope to be jotting shortly.

In the meantime, I'm pointing over to Fooled by Randomness, where I've whiling away some hours in anticipation of horrors yet to come. Anyone out there, by chance, read Mr. Taleb's book, The Black Swan?

Since reading this review back in last summer, I've been tempted to add it to the bedstack so that it would eventually be read. But, alas, it is still in some book warehouse waiting for my order.

Here's a site Mr. Taleb linked to providing a synopsis of his ideas.

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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

1,311.5 to 1,211

After yesterday's voting results, all I can do is shake my head and think about the Cubbies. November 2008 looks like one of those grasping defeat from the jaws of victory things. Bush will be gone, the Evil Empire of Rovetenia and the Murky Region of Cheneykistan will fade from the geopolitical maps and yet....

Yet, it sure looks like it to me that the Dems will do their auto-da-fe dance and McCain will be grilling on the White House lawn. How has this happened? I know, I know. The Dems still have issues with this hubris thing.

Go ahead, Gwynne, roast me like a apple-eating pig. Looks like 4 more years of minority party rule.

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