Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mysterious Sandwich Saves Philly

Per this article, it seems some sandwich, prepared in the Port Richmond section of town may have been responsible for averting a major vehicular disaster.

Who says Philly sandwiches are heart and life threatening?

The article mentions sausage sandwiches were digested from some restaurant in Port Richmond. Never realized that chomping on sausage was as effective as munching on carrots for improving one's eyesight. But, sausage seemed to do the trick for the eagle-eyed engineer who spotted the rather huge crack in a bridge's support column.

I'm willing to bet the sausage sandwich came from the famous Tacconelli's Pizza joint. I'm sure, there'll be a picture of the engineer, sausage hoagie in hand, posted inside the shop very shortly. So, go with the traditional Philly Sausage Hoagie as the Hero/Hoagie of the Day

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A sandwich, eh? My wife has a nephew in Ottawa who would attribute life-saving properties to a genuine Philly cheese-steak. While I will happily consume both (and pay the price for it) I'm still a poutine man, to the marrow (and arteries).
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