Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Dog's Tail

There are all sorts of indicators or hints in one's life, each unique in its interpretation from multiple perspectives.  Some are painful and blunt, like the sack of Bret Favre last week that, from my perspective, should be interpreted by Mr. Favre as the hint that his days of receiving brutal punishment are not numbered.  They are over.  Then again, that's my perspective.  Within his own now rather muddled noggin, Mr. Favre may be thinking that until I'm out there in a walker, I'll keep on playing.

This interpreting thing has had me thinking recently as to the concept of timeliness or proper timing.  Lingering on the stage too long is an immediate discomfort to the unfortunate audience and is usually realized embarrassingly late by the lingering actor.  So, I'm looking around for the true indicators, ones that will minimize every one's empathetic supplies.

I've settled on checking with my dog.  This inter-species barometer should do me right.  I mean, how can you not trust your tail-wagging so-glad-to-see-you fellow resident?  The day that the pull to stay home and tussle the dog's ears is stronger then the push to go out and do battle in the biz world populated now with whipper-snappers that believe face-to-face means text-to-text is probably the day that retirement is the sane option.   I'm certainly not there yet, but I find myself some mornings struggling to leave the pooch at home by's his company I'm preferring to that of the folks at work.

Perhaps if they waved their tails or communicated some other positive action, the dog's company would not be as enticing.

Ho.  Ho.   Ho.

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cliff Lee - Pheeling the Philly Love

Heard the news on the way in to work this morning.  I thought the folks on the radio had been hitting the nog ealry and often.  No way that Lee would turn down all of the NY money, NY Stage, and Yankee mystique to come back to Philly, where, even after we were lucky enough to sign Roy Hallyday, there was a year of sadness that Cliff Lee was not retained.

Perhaps he heard how much we missed him?  Perhaps he really, really liked Philly?  Or, perhaps, his wife was still a tad hurt by the NYC spittle thrown in her direction?  Wouldn't it be funny if it was the latter as the media traditionally and out of lazy habit castigates the Philly Phans?  Whatever....   Mr. Lee is back and that's simply unbelievable.

Roy Hallyday.
Roy Ozwalt
Cole Hamels
Cliff Lee!!!!

The departed Jason Werth will have a hard time coming back to Philly (where he was, like Cliff Lee, likewise adored) and accomplishing anything against the Big Four.  And playing in D.C., where nothing positive of consequence has been done in a while? Mr. Lee has shown, money is NOT everything.

2011 certainly does seem like it will be a better year.


Friday, December 10, 2010

(Seemingly Eternal) Life

Well...I'm looking forward to the time shortly after Christmas when I'll be able to curl up with a book, namely this one.  Well, perhaps "curl up".  I think "curling up with a book" was possible when bones & ligaments and joints were more pliable.  Perhaps, I'll simply be lying down with Life.

Life, however, is not what the author, a certain Keith Richards, is leaving behind in his wake.  On the occassion of a book reading at the NY Public Library, an orchid came too close to the aura (and the smoke aroma) of Mr. Richards.   But then again, which was more rare, the now departed orchid or the unkillable Mr. "Nuke Coocroach" Richards?


"The Morning After", Last Show in 2010

(Picture "on loan" from this Estonian blog
  Just a bit of propoganda here.  This Sunday, December 12th, I'll be hosting my last WVUD music show for this calendar year.  You can tune in here via the Internet or you can turn your FM dial to 91.3 if you're within 5-10 miles of Newark, DE.  Allegedly, we are getting clsoe to jumping our signal strength from 1,000 Watts to 6,800 so you may be able to catch our radio signal from  outside the confines of our tremendously humungous state.  2011's coming fast...we shall see, well I mean, listen.

As far as this Sunday's 3 hour show, starting at the usual 9:00 in the AM and going until Noon EST, there will be a mixture of holiday fare along with some samplings of 2010's great releases all in the regular musical landscape I tend toward.  Slow and low in the first hour with speed and volume building up as we get toward High Noon.

Hope you get a chance to tune in.  Previous show's musical play lists are always posted here.

12/12/2010 Addendum:   The playlist for this show is here.

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Moody's Gone.....

Sad news this morning.  James Moody, just Moody to his friends, died yesterday, December 9th.  I was lucky enough to have caught his performamces a few times, usually in accompaniment with another group or singer.  What always struck me, aside from his smooth playing (and I am NOT referring to Smooth Jazz!??!), was his self-effacing manner.  No wonder everyone loved playing with him.  If there was praise to be doled out, he always made sure it was shed on his fellow musicians, keeping only scraps for himself.
...and I never tired of his live versions of "Moody's Mood for Love".  While his vocals weren't strong, they were passionate and earnest.   Moody will be missed.

Here's another YouTube, a tribute to Mr. Moody for his 83rd birthday, as sone by that great jazz station, WBGO, out of Newark, NJ.  He was 85 at the time of his death.

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Thursday, December 09, 2010

The Fightin' Phils Don't Necessarily Just Play Baseball

In the phine city of Philadelphia, the fightin' spirit is shared by many...even some of the elected officials.
You gotta love the feistiness although I felt a Workmen's Comp claim coming if the Commission Chairman's threat were to be carried out.

....'tis the season.....


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