Friday, December 10, 2010

"The Morning After", Last Show in 2010

(Picture "on loan" from this Estonian blog
  Just a bit of propoganda here.  This Sunday, December 12th, I'll be hosting my last WVUD music show for this calendar year.  You can tune in here via the Internet or you can turn your FM dial to 91.3 if you're within 5-10 miles of Newark, DE.  Allegedly, we are getting clsoe to jumping our signal strength from 1,000 Watts to 6,800 so you may be able to catch our radio signal from  outside the confines of our tremendously humungous state.  2011's coming fast...we shall see, well I mean, listen.

As far as this Sunday's 3 hour show, starting at the usual 9:00 in the AM and going until Noon EST, there will be a mixture of holiday fare along with some samplings of 2010's great releases all in the regular musical landscape I tend toward.  Slow and low in the first hour with speed and volume building up as we get toward High Noon.

Hope you get a chance to tune in.  Previous show's musical play lists are always posted here.

12/12/2010 Addendum:   The playlist for this show is here.

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Tangentially related: has there been any "seasonal" music released this year that's caught your ear? Everything I've looked into so far is thin vanilla: no heart, no attempted mischief ... just kinda flat and glassy-eyed. Which might be the best condition to conclude this year, I suppose.
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