Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cliff Lee - Pheeling the Philly Love

Heard the news on the way in to work this morning.  I thought the folks on the radio had been hitting the nog ealry and often.  No way that Lee would turn down all of the NY money, NY Stage, and Yankee mystique to come back to Philly, where, even after we were lucky enough to sign Roy Hallyday, there was a year of sadness that Cliff Lee was not retained.

Perhaps he heard how much we missed him?  Perhaps he really, really liked Philly?  Or, perhaps, his wife was still a tad hurt by the NYC spittle thrown in her direction?  Wouldn't it be funny if it was the latter as the media traditionally and out of lazy habit castigates the Philly Phans?  Whatever....   Mr. Lee is back and that's simply unbelievable.

Roy Hallyday.
Roy Ozwalt
Cole Hamels
Cliff Lee!!!!

The departed Jason Werth will have a hard time coming back to Philly (where he was, like Cliff Lee, likewise adored) and accomplishing anything against the Big Four.  And playing in D.C., where nothing positive of consequence has been done in a while?  Well....as Mr. Lee has shown, money is NOT everything.

2011 certainly does seem like it will be a better year.


i like R2C2. I have also heard the "phantastic phoursome". or an ode to the recently banned malt beverage - "phour loko".
We'll mis our "Mister Lee, Mister Lee, Oh! Mister Lee!"
It's pretty amazing what he chose to do in the end. Some players would have played in NYC and some wouldn't have.
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