Wednesday, January 07, 2009


For those folks meandering back each day in hopes that I'd posted Something... Anything!...I offer apologies, but no excuses.

Luckily, a chop off of the old block has revived himself from a deep sleep and has opened up shop at a new location, The Peppermint Mine.

He provides pics, commentary, and a few videos. All heartily recommended for educational purposes and Montana-related information.

Great Job, Sir!.

I, meanwhile, am working on a few posts, some dating back to early December. My traditional St. Nick's Day posting has yet to be finished!! A minor surprise will be gifted to my patient soon as I fine tune my scanner.

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Apology accepted. Excuses are fine, too -- just glad to have you back, is all.
i am just glad to be back. I want to thank god and tim tebow.
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