Thursday, November 19, 2009

Apple dans Paris

An Apple store? In the Louvre? How much better can life get for a human being, specifically one of the tourist species. Just un petite temps to get used to the different French/Euro keyboard and I`m off. Prices here a bit different; 1,149 Euros for a 2.26 GHz MacBook 13 Pro. About 2k Americanos. Think I`ll wait until I return stateside to salivate at an Apple store there. There`s even the typical Parisian beggar politely asking for spare change right outside of the store.


Great Idea.

Think I`ll join him; wonder how many handouts would be necessary to acquire said MacBook Pro 13 pouces 2;26 GHz?

Monsieur??!! Monsiur???!!! Est-que vouz have le change pour un Americaine pouvre?

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