Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sir, Please Step to the Side.....

So, here's #3 in the Passport Series, "Hey!  I'd arrest me too." (#1 is here while #2 is here)  Just to make sure that this photo can receive full credit for originality, it pre-dated this photo by a good decade or so....although there is a frightening similarity in demeanour.  Must've been the possibility we used the same photographer, Kinko's Al-Qaeda Photos, Copies, & Hashish Emporium.   This is the passport photo that has caused me the most troubles, i.e., delays at customs.  Don't know if it was the sleepy suspicious look or the "Go ahead, put me through the questioning ringer" pose.

When I travel with my Ever Loving Wife and there is a need to be packing a passport, it's quite amusing when we hand over our papers.   The looks and reactions we get are the same.  The ELW is quite the photogenic type; jeezzz!  even here driving license photo looks great.  Me?  Well, as you can see, the first reaction would be to have me face the wall and spread my legs, arms raised high with palms pressed on that same wall.

The first question the security folks ask, after seeing that we have the same last name is, "Are you travelling with him?".  Notice, how the question is always aimed at her, I being the suspicious half of the duo.  I've learned that it is best that I even more aggreeable and understanding with my ELW before a trip as not to allow her even a smidgen of an excuse to pause before answering that question.  Even the most minute of pauses has caused the suspicion meter to rise with these border guards and has resulted in my being detained for a bit longer while they ply their inquisitive trade.

Even when the ELW answers without a pause, we're sure to elicit a reaction, usually a shake of the head or a "tsk-tsk".  She truly travels with a dangerous crowd....and I provide fodder for her hilarious re-telling of just one more border-crossing incident.

I'm here to provide.


Yikes. Did your photographer grab you by the lapels and throw you against the wall a few times to achieve that unique "I'm ready for my water-boarding" look? It is never too late to demand a re-shoot, sir.
Sorry..this one's on me. No one else is to blame. A new passport will have to wait as these babies are very pricey these days.
Besides, it's good for a laugh or two.... photo op, I'll be sure to uses your or your lovely wife's photo talents as those Euro photos are quite complimentary.
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