Monday, March 28, 2011

Early 1990's Hardly Leaving the Country

In hopes of overseas travel in the early '90's, #2 in my passport series, "Hey!  I'd arrest me too", was taken.  Perhaps it was a good thing that no such trip took place while my papers were headed by such a picture.  We did make it to Montreal for a fabulous week of Christmas with some more fabulous Canadian friends...but over the border does not count the same as over the seas.

The son was in the early throes of being a wise guy and commented that I had that "post office look" without the sideways portrait.  Joining in the paternal fun, the daughter opined that I had some semblance to a terrorist, albeit "a good terrorist, Tata".  Thanks, kiddies!

Those were days in the distant past when one can mouth "terrorist" and can usually expect an easy chuckle.  I'm not implying the world was more innocent; it's simply that we in the States were relatively unscathed (McVeigh & Oklahoma City were still a good 5 years away...).  Our national empathy for the troubles abroad was nil.   Our assuredness in safety at home was strong.  Unshakeable.

What a different time awaited us only a decade later.....


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