Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Today's Lesson: Don't Ever Bet Against An Octopus

That's SIX in a row for Paul the Octopus.
Germany lost to Spain, 1-0, just as predicted by that cephalopod mollusk.
With that intelligence, they better put an armed guard at the aquarium before Paul gets kidnapped by folks from Vegas.

So, Sunday in the World Cup Final FINAL, it'll be the Oranj v. Rioja (Netherlands v. Spain).  Nice color palate.

Saturday, for the third place position, it will be Germany v. Uruguay.  No mention yet how Paul has predicted this one.

And here I thought the only good combination between octopi and sports was Red Wing Hockey and Zamboni kill....


I'm getting peckish for a little grilled octopus, myself. Garlic butter, with some lemon juice. I can't be alone, here. I wonder if Paul is in tune with any of that?
You'll have to get in line for grilled Paul as the papers reported a huge call for that specialty.
The German coach was extremely complimentary toward the Spanish side. Hope his contract is extended before it expires next week. I'm sure if it's not extended there will be a lot of teams interested in his talents.

Yes, Spain did play a great game, but there were some moments that I thought Germany would pull through. The peculiar thing is that, prior to yesterday's game, only Serbia had been abel to beat the Germans. Wonder if Spain had watched that video over and over.
I have to wonder if "head space" wasn't the deciding factor. Serbia had nothing to lose going into their game; this time Germany had everything on the line. Much was made of their relative youth, and I think that was probably the case. These kids looked at their opponents and saw competitors who were slightly more at ease with the situation.
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