Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Darn that Octopus

As noted in an earlier post and then updated today by Alcessa, it seems the dead-on predictor of all events Team Germany has made its fateful pick.  Paul the Octopus, correct in predicting the outcome of each of the previous results for the Mannschaft's games in this year's World Cup, has made its choice for tomorrow's game v. Spain.

I'm going against the mollusk on this choice and picking Germany 3 - 1 as victors tomorrow.  In today's Netherlands - Uruguay match, I'll be going the safe route.  Netherlands 2 - 0.

So...Sunday's final of neighbours Germany - Netherlands looks to be a treat.  I'll have to go with the taller quicker Germans as a 2 -1 World Cup champion.  They are quite a beautiful team to watch and their style this time around is quite appealing, not just efficient.


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