Monday, June 14, 2010

Thinking. Football Version Thereof.

..I swear.
If I hear one more comment from residents of Delaware as to how boring they thought all of the football/soccer games they (most assuredly only) watched (while channel-surfing), I will have to launch into how truly idiotic the (American) football games are wherein each offensive play (of 5 to 10 seconds) is followed by 3-5 minutes of huddled discussions, substituions, hanky throwing, and plugging-beer advertisements..which is then followed by the Mobius Strip of offensive play etc.
They REALLY don't want me to start that, do they?

Thinking on one's feet.   Thinking while moving.  Simultaneous Thought & Motion.  That's what a real game's all about.  Which makes football/soccer the most intense and interesting of games.

Except for hockey.  The sport of geniuses with infinite pain threshholds.

Slow?!?  Football/soccer is slow?  What's with baseball then (which I love)?  Here's my theory as to why World Football seems to lose its interest here in the States once kids are past high school.


There's a dearth of equipment in World Football.  Perhaps if the players were armed with bardiches, halberds, or voulges, the sport would be more popular.  Maybe if those Capital One guys formed an equipe, World Football would take off here in the States?

Or, maybe, it's me who should just take off?  Eh?

Note Bene: Hmmmm, seems I went off on this topic 4 years ago. Just can't seem to hum a different tune.


feel free to do a bicycle kick tats.
by the way, i remember seeing the fifa world rankings a couple of months ago and being confused about croatia's world ranking of #9 (at the time) despite having been eliminated from qualifying for the world cup. what confuses me even more is the serbian and slovenian rankings of #15 and #25. i suppose it is proof that the fifa rankings are somewhat meaningless.
I will happily take world football over American or Canadian football, any time at all. In fact, it seems Torontonians are leaning toward the same preference, if last year's attendance stats for the FC ("soccer") and the Argos (CFL) are any indication.

However, as encouragingly enlightened as I find all this, I have to admit that I have grown peeved with the incessant drone from those #@*% vuvuzelas! Originally, I was quite smitten with the thought of the World Cup in Africa -- smitten enough to see if our family mightn't finally make that African journey. Am I ever glad that scenario got nixed! Even at this distance I can't seem to get that buzz out of my ears. I can't imagine how much worse it would be to be in the crowd.
1) Football/Soccer. Don't Ask. Don't tell. Just Play
2) Yes the FIFA rankings are odd...which only makes life more interesting in the Land of Croats as they (once again) deal with getting insulted and now have much to "discuss" as to why they should be in the World Cup (and thereby not taking into consideration how lousy they played while trying to qualify for the top 32 team groupings).

I do not think I will buy a vuvuzela. Rather than using an oil-based product, I will simply stop by a local farmer's place, plunk down some money, and buy a bee hive which I will simply plant onto my head. Seems to me it's the same sound PLUS I get all the free honey my body can handle.
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