Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry to All

Quick-moving Santa on 12th Street in South Philly on Christmas Eve.   SLOW-moving photographer with side window pulled down driving through sludge with one hand on wheel and other hand manipulating a camera.  Santa was in full cheer and regalia, toting what seemed to this one-eye-on-the-road-one-eye-on-the-SouthPhilly-Santa an Extra Large plastic trash can filled with possible non-goodies.  SouthPhilly Santa, complete down to his black patent leather Catholic nun shiny boots, heaved some Ho-Ho's our way but was not in the mood to stop and pose....which was a good thing as the driver on my bumper was throwing me some definitely non Ho-Ho's while I was slowing down to capture a glimpse of SouthPhilly Santa for posterity.

A typical South Philly window exhibit with noted matching scarved penguins serving to center a replcia of the garbage bag toting SouthPhilly Santa glimpsed above.   Wish I had a bit more time to skulk about the neighborhood to provide additional evidence of Christmas cheer.  From each house, a lot of noise wafted out to the fairly quiet and dark streets.

The carbon footprint last night in Phily was a Iggles Offensive Lineman shoe size 18.  Much spirited discussion at a party centered around the need to bring back lighting that twinkled softly like stars pasted in the sky as opposed to the deer-in-the-headlight blinding on-off-on lights that set off catatonia.

Merry Christmas to All the passerbys through this site.

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