Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Booker T. - Potato Hole

Went on and on about this great release back in the early part of the year, when life seemed awfully gloomy.  Mr. Jones showed me some light.   Having Neil Young in on some of the fun was the recording stroke of genius for this year, IMHO.   Repeated listening failed to quell the enthusiasm of this album.


Potato Hole was an album I reached for with some frequency as well. There is indeed a contagious cheerfulness to it all.

I'd never considered the soundtrack to Kansas City, even though I thoroughly enjoyed the movie (particularly Belafonte as the heavy). The vision of the band carrying on throughout the drama was quite striking for me: something like a chorus of Furies, who just happened to be having a hoot in the process. I've bookmarked the disc for future Amazon padding (thank you).
Never took you for a DBT fan!

Drive on!

You might like another Texas band:

Govt Mule.
(I posted a youtube link to Govt Mule with the Dirty Dozen Brass Band doing a version of "John, the Revelator". Go find...)
Didn't mean to imply the DBT's were from Texas, though.

Govt Mule shure nuf is...
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