Monday, March 30, 2009

Booker T. is baaaaack

Had a bizarre dream the night before. I was planning a Morning After show with an emphasis on the B-3 Hammond and all of its illustrious jazz and non-jazz players. Green Onions was the soundtrack for the dream. Mr. Booker T. Jones, one of the coolest cats to have ever lived, was slyly imbuing himself into the sound mix.
How would he be sounding today? Who would he incorporate players into the tuneage of these last few years?
Groups started coming up through the mists of my slumber.
Hey!? How about the Drive-By-Truckers as the backup band? I mean, DBT's Patterson Hood is David Hood's kid and David Hood was one of the original Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section and the Swampers backed up Wilson Pickett and Aretha Franklin and other singers in the general milieu as Booker DBT sort of runs a tangent off of Booker T's sphere. right?

And, since this was a dream, why not have Neil Young show up and demonstrate what a shredding guitar truly sounds like. What the hell? Anything's possible when you're snorin'.

So, when I got to the station on Sunday morning and came upon this CD, sleep & reality combined for quite a pleasant surprise. At this point in the year, I'd say that Potato Hole is my favorite 2009 CD. A cover of Hey Ya, IMHO one of the best summer songs ever, cements my proclamation encapsulation.

The closest he's coming in support of the album is the Sellersville Theater, although he will be on Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon for 3 nights, April 20th through the 22nd.

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