Thursday, March 26, 2009

In the Booth

Went to Pittsburgh this past weekend for an extended stay. Among other things, we had a chance to re-visit Falling Water, finally make it inside and through the fabulous Cathedral of Learning, and, for masochistic reasons, go to the Warhol Museum...yet again.

At the latter, we finally took advantage of the best permanent exhibit at the museum, the photo booth. It's located on the basement floor, underneath the staircase. For $2, you too can look like one of the pictures/paintings that are regularly exhibited on the many floors above the booth.
Some people, like say my Ever Loving Wife, look quite good in photos processed within this box. Granted, she is also one of those people who looks great on her DMV photo. Yeah, she's one of those rarities. I, on the other hand, look as if I should be immediately arrested once my 4 picture strip drops from the machine. With the Warhol Museum photo booth, there's the added "pleasure" of your pictures being processed, IMHO, in some bath of rancorous fluids that adds a layer of repulsiveness and remorse to your little portraits. Your minor 15 minutes of shame, I guess.
for two bucks it's the cheapest souvenir you can get although I'd swear I felt about 10 seconds of my soul being sucked out when I sat on the swivel chair, awaiting my minor moment in life.

One thing that I will admit about going to the Warhol. If you have any phlegm stuck in your chest or even further down in some cavity in your body, a visit to the Warhol is a guaranteed curative to get things up and out of your body. Quickly. There will be at least one floor of exhibits, sometimes two if an exhibit of Yoko comes through again, that will serve to dislodge from the bile that is lodged within. Somehow, the catharsis is both cleansing and muddying at the same time. A visit once every 6 months is enough of an art enema for me. Thanks, Andy!


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