Monday, November 19, 2007

Warhol in November

At the Warhol Museum, I was allowed to photograph this, the outside of the souvenir shoppe. This and this were surreptitiously taken or my finger just happened to cross over the shoot button of the camera. Oops! In addition to selections of Mr. Warhol's artwork, there was a small exhibition of some Warhol-like as well as an exhibition of Australian artists that were influenced by Mr. Warhol. Titled "Andy & Oz", the exhibit includes artwork by Richard Larter, Martin Sharp, Tim Horn, Tracey Moffat, Robert Rooney, and, my favorite, Fiona Hall. Her Paradisus terrestris series is based off of sardine cans as the raw material, polished off to a high gloss, with the can serving both as "serving" piece and actual sculpture as she has peeled away the can into plants, trees, hands, hearts. The pieces are exquisitely small with intricate detail work. The key is left in place, just so you don't forget from whence this art came from.

The show's at the Warhol Museum until December 30th.

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