Friday, December 12, 2008

Statistically speaking you BETTER like this

For those folks out there (and I am certainly in your un-named company) who, in some distant point in time, thoroughly enjoyed the pursuit of the perfect Christmas gift but have now been ground to a soppy pile of dust with gift lists that are ever-changing or requests that are greyish in their description (thus causing you grief of immense size come the 25th when the "grey matter" is opened and sad sighs are released) comes this site as pointed out by Ashlee Vance of the NYT.

After logging in, you enter your filter pattern for products, say Electronics or Jewelry. Then you click you dollar preference range and, voila! Your statistically analyzed choices are presented. If the gifted has complaints on the 25th, you can enlighten said sad-ee as to logic of statistical analysis. If the disappointment is not completely quashed, at the very least a healthy dose of math-driven drivel will dry up the tears.

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