Thursday, November 29, 2007

Playing with One's Internet Self

From Whisky Prajer, comes this self-assessment guide for bloggers. I'm not sure what's a Good score. I mean, if your blog (or you can put in someone else's blog as well) scores in the Junior High or High School range, is that good or bad?
It's good in that you'd hopefully invite a wider and larger audience for your Grand Poobah postings.
It's bad in that the high level of expostulation that you thought you'd been at is just another bad case of self-delusion. Don;t hurt yourself falling from your illusory heights.

Just running through the numbers.
2 Blowhards - High School Level
Bullseye Rooster - Elementary School Level
Outer Life - High School Level
Stephenesque (American Fez) - High School Level
About Last Night - College Level (Undergrad)
The Online Photographer - Elementary School Level (Methinks there's something quite wrong about this score)

I'm not too sure as to how the scores reflect the blogs. About Last Night seems right. All of the other sites seem way too low.

Highest score of blogs I go to regularly?
Middle Stage
Genius Level

followed by:
Texas Trifles
Yeee Haw !
Theory of Ice.
Writing about hockey (mainly) in an intense, passionate, and yet intuitive way.

Post-Graduate level.

Yours truly? That would be me at the High School level, throwing erasers at the intense students up front.

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Strange: 2blowhards tested as Jr. High for me. I'm starting to think this engine locates the IP address and simply assigns it the demographic of highest grade completed.
Tried 2 Blowhards again. came up as High School. Must be that new US/CND dollar exchange thing happening that's causing the devaluation of their site up North of the Border.
Weird. Your site came up as Croatian Military Academy for me.
My mother always told me I was too smart for my britches...

(Question: just what is the IQ of the average pair of britches?)

Now if only I could use this obviously very accurate measurement to get a raise at ye olde sweat factory!
Junior High here...I make my parents proud. ;-)
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