Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A Dollop of Kudos

WP, a long beloved Canadian blogger, has seemingly and atypically (for himself and for the general Canadian mind-set) written a boast-post.

But, when you read what the blog post's about, it's obviously not crowing on his part. As Muhammad Ali once noted, "It's not boasting if you can do it." And what Darrell Reimer, the man behind Whisky Prajer, has done is write a well -reviewed collection of short stories. (I've been hitting the cymbals on this one since last Oct-Nov.)

Michael Blowhard, in this posting, superbly describes the collection of short stories. Mr. Blowhard suffers no fools as any visitor to his site would attest. So, for him to note of Darrell's book that,

"Darrell's an elegant and mischievous writer, he's an imaginative inventor of characters and narrative lines, and he's an inspired evoker of young-male experience. In a pro sense he has nothing to apologize for. But by going the Lulu route he has also made a choice to protect and nourish what's really distinctive and lovely about his writing. The result is a small miracle of unpushy quirkiness and sweetness. Reading "Youthful Desires" is like hanging out -- and just for the pleasure of it -- with a longtime friend. In 2Blowhards-land, that's high praise."

High praise, indeed and most certainly deserving of it. Youthful Desires can be purchased or downloaded here. Time to give Mr. Reimer your silent kudos by hitting the link.


The "boast post" - nice! Self-promotion isn't just anathema to Canadians, but doubly-so for Mennonites. However, when it comes to false humility, nobody beats Canadians - except for Canadian Mennonites. As the kids like to say, "w00t!!"
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