Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Book Birthing

Mr. Whisky Prajer, an amusement writing machine of the blog variety has ventured into the thinner air of authorship. He has been throwing chum out to his avid blog readers for weeks. Yesterday, he laid out the hook. I've bitten and hope to be reeled in, in about 2 weeks or so. At least that's what the folks at Lulu are promising.

Whisky Prajer is one of the blogs I read on a daily basis. Actually, I read it more than once daily because his postings always invite comments, interesting in their own take on things. WP always answers back, so the conversations sparked by his entry often become discussions leading to other entries. He's a wizard with words and a sly master of the bite and the nip of humour, because a point made with a laugh or a grin is usually one that's easily taken. I encourage you to buy the book. If you've been reading his blog, you know it's for a noble cause.

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