Friday, April 20, 2007

So, what's the Honey?

I've noticed that the traffic to this humble blog had picked up substantially in the last few weeks. Thinking it a minor blip, I've ignored any investigating. But, the traffic is still coming in, compared to previous months, strong. What's the draw? Wit? Insight? Emotional debacles?

Nope. Seems this site comes up as # 1, if you Google Borat Speedo and # 2 if you Google Speedo Borat. So, the aquatic clothing musings of a fictional character are the draw.

Some time ago, it used to be pics of Iceland that drew the Googling "mass" here (Specifically the amazing photographs of Layne Kennedy). Now, Iceland is a distant second. A shame; I'd much prefer looking at this than at this.

Perhaps, in time, the written entries will outnumber the photo-related ones, but I'm not investing in that stock anytime soon.


This seems to me equivalent to the discovery that if you lay down in the road a certain number of cars are going to run over you, per hour; and more at rush hour.
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