Thursday, June 01, 2006

Borat's Speedo

Here, (yes, you'll click to actually see the pic) is the World Famous Borat (aka Ali G, aka Sasha Baron Cohen) @ Cannes, just in time to resurrect a post of mine from last year, the Summer of Croatia. No amount of slivovica could be poured down my throat to be wearing that.

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I want you to know that just seeing the words "Borat's Speedo", even before clicking through, forced my bitter 6.00 am face into a grin. You've performed a vital public service.
I appreciate the kind words, sgazzeti, as public service is what is always strived for at this site. If grins are a fallout of such service, all the better.
Funny - I saw that picture in the papers and immediately thought of your previous Speedo posting. Wearing an outfit like that would require a very different set of balls than the ones I've got: I believe I'll stick to board shorts (while on this continent, anyway).
da Ali G. Speedo is perhaps the ugliest sight I have ever seen, the colour, the HAIR the bulges, one wonders how he can walk in that thing!
Some swimsuits are so damn ugly!
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