Thursday, January 18, 2007

!?!?!??! Unbelievable !??!?

Can't say if this guy, Ivan Hrvatska, is even somewhat real or simply a fellow who just missed the SCTV circuit. The self proclaimed "SLAVIC LOVER, ROCKER, AND CAPTIAN OF THE CROATIAN DRINKING TEAM SINCE 2002" leaves modesty in his wake. The "discovery" of this guy is totally credited to The Fake South Shore who, I think, hits it on the head when he proclaims Mr. Hrvatksa (translated as Mr. Croatia) to be Canada's version of that Borat guy I've been in a funk about the last 2 months. Hopefully, Gospodin Hrvatska will not go into films. His self-penned songs all have the phrase "Make(ing) Love to" within their titles, overdosing one to the concept of Love in whichever forms he casts them in.
I don't think this is going to go well with the Croatia National Tourist Bureau.

Here's Ivan sending out Christmas Greetings. Never too late...or early.


I'm not totally sure if he is for real or anything... There is a youtube video here, that mentions it was filmed back in 2002. It is very very tough to get through!
That guy is so wierd
Ivan, The Terrible! He disgust me.

You did see that your friend, Borat won some stupid Golden Globe award, didn't you?
Pure genius!
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