Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Hrvatski Andre 3000

(Linked from Carniola. Thanks, Michael! Source is here )

Just further proof that some guys just look fabulous irregardless of which nationality's clothing he's sporting. I'd go so far as stating that Mr. 3000 should be modeling for Croatian clothing companies more often.

How does he match a Mexican poncho with a Croatian scarf and get away with it?
(Insert appropriate word from here. Being a white guy, I'll beg off as that would be tres un-cool)

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Holy cow, what a mash-up!! And are those moccasins?!? Were I to dare wearing just the cap, I'd invite hoots of well-deserved derision from complete strangers. Incredible.
You're right, those are mocs.
So, to summarize the sartorial splendour.
1) Sherlock Holmes-style hat
2) Pseudo-Southern State Trooper Aviator Specs
3) Croatian national colours scarf
4) Mexican fabric poncho
5) (North American) Indian-style mocassins

And it all works?!
Hmm, the outfit is still lacking...

I know!

He needs a holster and a six-shooter! A Colt, if you please.
I'm not sure CP. I think only Clint Eastwood could get away with that outfit and a pair of six-shooters.
Also, a cheroot stuck in his maw, to complete the picture.
Well, I'm glad you cleared all that up. I was still trying to figure out if those were feet underneath the poncho, or legs of a stool. 8-} And I've never heard of Mr. 3000, so clicked on the link you so kindly provided, only to see him wearing...what? A Britney Spears cap and a beauty queen sash? Not to mention the smokin' gun. Who is this guy and why is he soiling the Croatian flag like that?
Having pondered this image for a few days it occurs to me that he gets away with this ensemble because he simply refuses not to.

I think he depends on the rest of us (Go Fug Yourself notwithstanding) to simply go along with it and say, "Oh, yes. Okay then. Nice, er, scarf."
andre does whatever he wants and looks good doing it
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