Monday, October 02, 2006

Milestone or Millstone

A few days ago, seemingly without provocation, over 200 folks visited this site.
Breaking story on an entry? Sorry, a large NO to that.
Tearjerker moment of mass appeal? Nope, put away those handkerchiefs.
Free give-away of a must have object? Yo no tengo nada.

The cause seems to have been this long-ago entry. Seems if you Googled Borat and Speedo, this site came up as Numero Uno. Folks visiting based on that search spent a nanosecond, in most cases, to get a gape at this or this, both links coming from this daily Croatian newspaper, the cutting edge of Slavic news-gathering.

While the high visit numbers were, initially, encouraging, further thought brought woe and shame. Yes, Verging on Pertinence seems to have sold out to cheap thrills, low brow laughs, Speedo voyeurism, undependable Kazakhstan reportage, and unwittingly placed plugs for Borat's new movie.

I think I have to take a long hot shower, with lots of Borax (the only known Borat cleanser), to detox myself. I may have to take my blog in the shower stall with me. A sound scrubbing is in order.

Not to say anything detrimental about the movie, however. I'll be there with the rest of the cretins to laugh, cringe, and delight at non-PC humor. Just a Stooge at heart.

I prefer gratuitous speedo shots of Goran Visnjic, personally.

And real speedos, if you please. NOt that lime green rubber band thingy...
Borat was pretty funny in the context of the TV show, beguiling unwitting interviewees and such - but I can't see how it will work as a movie.
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