Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Voice of Verging

Stephenesque had mentioned a while back that he was interested in giving a listen to a Sunday radio show that I occassionally host. Unfortunately, my scheduled appearances were always announced a tad late for him to tune in with his vacuum tube powered PC, a machine I'd dearly love to see as the picture and sound quality is most probably superior to the current mass-prodcued dreck that most of us are reading this blog on. Nothing like the glow of vacuum tubes and smell of hot electric current to make sitting in front of a pc a more sensual experience. So, in the interest of cadging any additional listeners to this show, Morning After, on WVUD at University of Delaware, available for your online listening pleasure here, herewith the schedule of yours truly on the internet waves.

The show, as described on the WVUD site, is an "eclectic blend of music to accompany your Sunday paper". Apologies for the use of "eclectic", a word that used to be quaint and charming and one that is now a tire with no tread. The interesting part of the show is that there are 7 of us rotating as dj's. Each of us has his/her own musical axe to grind, so if you tune in one wekk and wonder what rubbish is playing, just wait until the next week and you may be enthralled with the musical choices. My own preferences run to jazz and blues, with forays into music from Africa and Latin America. Gospel, R & B, R & R, and re-mixes also poke their toes into the morning mix. The show is on each Sunday, 9:00 to 12:00 EST. Drop on by, if you're sitting by a pc/Mac.

I'll be doing the dj duties on:
January 29
February 19
March 26
April 2
July 2
Sept 17
Oct 1
Nov 19
Dec 17

My patter is minimal, the music's the thing. Oh yeah, no commericals for three hours.

Some down-'n-dirty Howlin' Wolf for a Searchie Girl, please?
Down 'n Dirty sounds appropraite enough for a mid-Sunday morning. Thanks for the suggestion, Searchie; it will be incorporated. I've got some Muddy Waters, James Spady, Kim Wilson, Henry Butler, and Hubert Sumlin in the works already.
Plus, new work from
Brad Mehldau
Robert Glasper

For any other readers, the suggestion box is open until Saturday morning.
I hear that avant-garde guitarist Derek Bailey is dead.
Meanwhile, is there a "listen again" function like the BBC have? I have over-the-hill league soccer on Sunday morns.
Sorry StephenEsque, each show is a unique one time sort of event. Besides, replays may be cause for lawsuits and it's a small station that can ill afford suits of any sorts, seersucker or law.
Hey, what about Lars Hollmer, the Thomas Jaderlund Amazing Orchestra, John Zorn, Raymond Scott, Snakefinger, and Franz Koglmann?

You can't just ignore the Stars.
Oh, and when are you going to have a Yes marathon?
How about some nice Railroad Blues ala Jimmie Rodgers, the original singing brakeman? Perhaps "Waiting for a Train", or "T for Texas" ?

But, I might request this for your Feb gig as I am travelin' this weekend to San Antonio and will miss the Sunday program unless I can sneak onto the host's computer.
Bleak M.,
Now you've gone form the cliched "eclectic" to the let-me-meta-Google "esoteric".
Popping my (over-inflated) balloons, I confess to being totally ignorant of
1) Raymond Scott (thought his "Dinner Music for a Pack of Hungry Cannibals" sounded, ahem, delicious)
2) Thomas Jaderlund Amazing Orchestra (the only thing for me to add here is that their name emblazonned t-shirts must use a lot of ink)
3) Lors Hollmer
4) Snakefinger (interesting and tempting write-ups on the cd's available @ Amazon, but still too expensive to take a chance on. What say ye?)
5) Franz Koglmann (a good sound, someone I definitely have to hear more of)
John Zorn is the only fellow you'd listed that I was familiar with and he is, for me, someone I defintiely have to hear less of. Not my cup of offputting screech sounds.

And, NO, no YES retrospective is planned. Ever.

CP, Jimmie Rodgers is duly noted for the February gig. I'll have him appropriately seated next to some other cowboy blues items.

Thanks to all for noting their requests.
Well, I could have listed obscure musicians.

John Zorn is surely a screecher par excellence in some of his incarnations, but he's also done surf music, mood exotica, cartoon music, string quartets (some of which are good, some screechy), klezmer, swing, bebop, and some decent rock. He is, for want of a better word, eclectic. However, the enthusiastic consumer is warned against buying blind, or even blind drunk.

I really don't know if you'd like the late Snakefinger or not. On the one hand, he's very good. On the other hand, he's very weird.

Lars Hollmer was the first of the avant-garde accordianists, now of course ubiquitous.

You'd recognize Raymond Scott's music if you heard it, and if you've ever watched Warner Brothers cartoons.

The lead trumpet for the Jaderlund A O. was one Tomasz Stanko, since risen to partial obscurity.

Franz Koglmann plays mellow trumpet in a "cool" fifties style. But he often plays with avant-gardists. Go figger.

Jimmie Rodgers is the son of Nile Rodgers. Howlin' Wolf is the son of Virvinia Woolf. Derek Bailey was the last surviving descendent of Barnum N. Bailey.

Any further questions?
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