Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Iceland Watch
As a regular irregularly timed feature of this blog, I give you the Iceland photo rating entry. This photo of an Icelandic Horse, from JNB Daniels was not rated highly at all. I had to point it out to you, though, because it's rare (well at least in my case) that an animal has that Veronica Lake come-hither look. Or so it seems to me at least.

Today's #1 googled image of Iceland is from Camilla in Australia. The last time, I'd googled Iceland, this Anders Brownworth photo was #1. He'd had quite a long run as #1; he's now #2, so he's still within striking distance of the Most Googled Iceland Photo.

Yes, there are awards for everyone.

"Veronica Lake"? Perhaps I'd see it, if she were somehow perched in a tree ...
A horse in a tree, impersonating Veronica Lake? Now that's a fantasy worth delving into, with the SPCA's approval of course.
The equine equivolent, for sure, of Miss Lake...

Great photo!
Very nice photo, I'm happy to share the limelight. -Anders
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