Saturday, April 02, 2005

Icelandic Esoterica
Every blog serves some purpose, self-involvement being the underlying current. Here, at Verging on Pertinence, my altruistic purpose (not my main purpose, however) is to let my gentle readers know what the most requested Googled image of Iceland is. For at least 2 months, this lovely picture , from dominated the searches. Today, after Googling, this beautiful picture from came up as No.# 1 . At this fellow's site, you'll find some quite amazing pictures. There's even a picture from the tiny drive-through Tax-Free Shopping (one of its mottos)state of Delaware. This picture was actually taken at St Andrew's School, site of Robin Williams' film, "Dead Poets Society".

After I'd Googled images of Iceland, I floated through 12 pages and this lovely picture never even materialized. Oh, how the mighty have fallen!
And, Oh how the traffic here has thudded to a light drizzle. Seems the main reason to stop over here for a second or two was a mis-conception that Verging on Pertinence had something to do with Iceland. That reason has now fluttered away to other sites. To those dedicated readers still coming here, Iceland or not, you have my gratitude. I will still occasionally check up on this Iceland picture obsession; it seems at least 100 folks a day are Googling for just one look at its beauty.

Amazing landscape there in Iceland. Never been there (yet), but I think I might stop for a cople of weeks. Many interesting photos could be taken there.
Had an opportunity to travel there for about 5 days a while back. You're absolutely right about the photos. It blew me away. The people were quite friendly and interesting. Also, the Icelandic late night revelers have got to be the unsurliest drunks I've ever met. Marko, bring your surfing gear. Seriously. Google "Iceland" and "Surfing" to check it out. Check out the banana plantations they have (Under cover with high temps maintained by the sulfuric springs). Like fly-fishing? Northern part has some gorgeous rivers to cast in. It's a lovely place
I once watched in unfolding awe a documentary that tried to capture some of the extremes that Icelanders reach for in order to alleviate the boredom of their long, DarkoV winters? Don't be fooled by the pretty pictures: they're mental.

Besides they are never to be trusted; not after they stole all our fish during the Cod War.
Just an Icelander who stumbled upon this site :) Surfing in Iceland? That would be a sight! But I must admit, we are pretty mental when it comes to partying away into the night! :) But I love it, partying in Iceland is never boring.

I am flattered that you remember our little war, even with a little grudge! ;) It was a big war for us - actually kind of our only war. But watcha gonna do, back then we were living in mudhouses and this was the only thing we had going for us.

I recommend that you visit Iceland, see the nature wonders everyone is talking about and try the Icelandic way of partying, you'll be welcomed i assure you! :)

Kveðja, Eyrún who's sounding like an Iceland salesman! ;)
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