Thursday, June 09, 2011

Yukon Goes (and goes for some more) Fishing

Well, just a pointer to a blogger that happens to be related.  Da Son is out west running into various folks visiting his neck of the woods, including a fellow who was RV-ing and had inquired of him as to the availability of parking spots in Yellowstone.  The inquiry was made shortly after the May 21st End of The World proclamation but before the next announced EOW...guy was simply trying to get some last view before he rides off into Infinity.  Da Son seems to be dressed in a End of the World wardrobe, i.e., he sure doesn't seem to be expecting a visit from the Pope or the Queen.  Way Out West wear is built for comfort not for show.

In other musings on his blog, he opines with scientific airs (and beyond my level of comprehension) on matters of the fluvial sort.  He does me proud...especially when he offers graphs to illustrate his passion.  I'm hoping Edward Tufte can come up with one of his magnificent relational graphs combining results of the respective successes of Fly-Fishing and Masters thesis writing, where-in there is a confluence of positive results....
.....Before the End of the World RV parks itself in his backyard....  Keep up the great blogging, Sir!


He's even devoted a tag to "The Rapture" -- probably expects to see more such campers as the dates come and go.
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