Monday, May 23, 2011

@ Yankee Stadium, You Can't seems, bring a Kindle, Nook, or any other e-reader. Add that to the ever-lenghtening list of things you can't bring and it seems that the only thing you'll be allowed to bring is boatloads of money. Wonder if the Pinstripers have enough chutzpah to sell Kindle covers in Yankee logos?

The alleged reason, as put forth by the Yankee organization, is that some fan was beaned by a foul ball when he was reading his Kindle. So...reading a book, a souvenir media guide, or, God forbid, a newspaper will soon be banned as well. Keep in mind that this is the same organization that sold season tix to their fans without telling them that there may be a restaurant obstructing their view.

So......another reason to hate the Bronx Bombers is provided to you by their management team.


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