Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Galactic Tuneage

For a limited time over @ Relix, you can listen to the stream of the entire new live recording by Galactic to be released next Tuesday.  The Other Side of Midnight: Live in New Orleans was recorded at Tipitina's, the venue of their previous live recording from over 10 years ago.

Crank it as high as those dinky computer speakers can go!   Just see how long you can go before you have to stand up and shake off some of that winter fat.  Time for the hibernation to stop.....Summer and Galactic are coming.  By next week, if you're wiling to shed a few dollars, you can be in your car with Galactic's newest pushing the air around and possibly inviting the local gendarmes to be citing you for community noise violations as this cd can only be played LOUD.

Galactic may be coming into your town.. if they do, you owe it to yourself to haul your carcass down there.


Off topic: Darko, I said I'd let you know what I thought about The Tiger's Wife ... I did write my opinion of it, on Goodreads. U still reading it? :-)
Yes, Alcessa, I am. I've gotten the notifications from Goodreads as to which books you've read and.....I'm wondering,
1) Do you ever sleep?
2) Do you go outside?
3) Does your husband ever see/talk/interact with you?
4) You have no tv/iPod/cell phone to distract you from all of your reading, right?
I know all of these may not be true but I'm counting on at least 2-3 of them being true. Otherwise, i can't figure out how you can plow through so many books so quickly. You're simply amazing!
Well, most of the books I have marked as "read" were read during my studies. Recently, I have been adding only books I read at the time, but if I find a book I used to like a lot some time ago I simply add it. That would then limit the number of books I manage to read to those I firts equip with the status "currently reading", before I mark them as "read".
I include so many books because some of them may get discussed, sometimes ...

I have also switched off e-mail-notifications so I tend to forget my friends may get them, many, if I decide to tweak around - sorry.

But you're right: I don't have a tv/iPod etc. I almost never use my cell phone and, I guess you know that: we freelancers are not considered good friends, generally, because we tend to dump people for our work assignments one day and beleague them with our freetime overdose the next day, so yes: I can scrap together quite some time for reading.
But I certainly don't read a lot. I work a lot. My hubby works a lot.
(sorry for the length of this answer, I'd just hate it if my Goodreads friends felt intimidated by me. I mean: by me LOL ...)
It's not you who's intimidating (admirable w/b theword of choice here). It's your reading deeds that are intimidating. While I've read (hopefully) over 1,000 books in my life, I'd be thoroughly challenged to write up something lenghty and intellgent on mostof them. Now, quippy! Oh, I can do the quippy quite well; 3 sentence book raves (complete w/ spoilers) are my special-ity!
Well, that's not what I notice about your book opinions (blogged): they are actually inspiring and very interesting.

You know, 1990 I attended an introductory session at the University Ljubljana and professor Grossman told us: don't come here to study German or English if you're not ready to deal with the language or the literature in an academic way. Literature is not the main ingredient of my professional life and I am not able to write professionally about it anymore (not to forget the fact that I actually failed my oral diploma exam in American literature), but I can still produce some lines if I get passionate. That's all.

The reason I report on books read so diligently (at Goodreads) is a simple one: I have derived so much pleasure from reading books my Goodreads friends have entered I hope they might find something useful in my batch, too. You know: if it weren't for you, who knows when I'd have heard anything about Obreht...
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