Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Poor Artistical Timing

I'm not a Sarah Palin fan, except when she comes out with another car crash of a comment...which is usually any time she feels the need to expel air.  However, in a recent incident at the Missoula Children's Theatre, a performance company of national renown, I'd have to say I'm in total agreement with this letter writer to the local newspaper, the Missoulian.  It's one thing to make the comment referred to in a play for adults, but to do so in a performance aimed toward children?  Total lapse of judgement.


Not a Palin fan, myself, but you and the letter writer make a valid point.

Am I just not seeing the forest for the trees, or have Americans always been this callous?
Remember when one of the courses taken religiously in grammar school was titled "Civics".

Aside from cramming in how great Democracy was and the USA is tops and...blah..blah..blah...truly important concepts seeped in, like citizen participation, public debate, and, the the Big Mama, civility.

Now that Civics is called something else or is not taught at all, seems Cilivity has gone to seed as well. I'm NOT suggesting to turn the other cheek when Palin comes out with one more of her inane and poorly thought out pronouncements, but being civil in dealing with her half-baked opinions is a good place to begin.
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