Friday, January 21, 2011

Unhappy Hipsters...Doing One Line Comedy for Those of Us On the Sidelines of Modern Life

Unbelievable: She’d been living in a windowless cell for six years without even an inkling about the movable panel.
(Photo: Eirick Johnson; Dwell)

From this excellent site, Unhappy Hipsters.   NSFW, as you may spit out your coffee on your flat screen, causing it to smoke thereby drawing attention to the fact that you may be enjoying yourself @ work.

TOTH to Execupundit for pointing out this daily treasure.


"Our servers are over-capacity" -- the unhappy hipsters have you to thank for that, no doubt.
our blogs can only dream of having that problem.
As regards, "Unhappy Hipsters", I found myself wandering over there many a time this past weekend. The quips remind me a lot of Bruce Eric Kaplan's similar "observations" as captions to his cartoons.
Choice, very choice.
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