Thursday, January 27, 2011


Belated but necessary 2011 New Year's Resolution.
I've got to stop the boulders from rolling back into my uhhhmmmm office(?).  Hey!  It has a desk (somewhere there) and a chair and a PC, so yeah, it's an office.


The Ever-Loving Wife has "volunteered" her organizational skills and her incredible File 13 abilities.  Let's see what a month (or two) will bring.

Note:  These self-incriminating photos were willingly posted.  I am past shame.  I am exhausted pushing the paper boulders.

...well, it seems like I'm not the only guy in need of de-cluttering.  Here's Barnaby Conrad, at home in Cupertino, CA.   Too busy writing, I guess.


File 13 is one thing -- but a boomerang? If at all possible, do post the video.
I believe I'll stay away from posting a video as it would akin to one of those 48 hour Warhol movies where nothing happens for like 48 hours.
I will post the end result of the expedition to the 3rd floor, complete with the injury (physical & mental) report of the ordeal. I already have an inkling that the trash man will not be overly pleased with my contribution to his work load.
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