Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I'm Trying to Friend On Facebook, Specifically...

...this cat, erhmmm, I mean dog.

Chaser is familiar with 1,022 nouns.   That's like more than enough words to have a conversation with me on most days and, being of Slavic origin,  nouns is all I need to converse.  Verbs are better expressed through hand gestures anyway.  With Chaser, I won't have any issues of getting in my opinion edgewise.  Plus, if there's a disagreement, she would simply lick my face and we'd be best buds again.

....although, Chaser may tilt her head and give me the quizzical look that I get from certain folks, like the Ever Loving Wife, when nouns come spilling out my mouth with no topic to seek purchase of.

Wonder if Chaser is familiar with the expression, "Hmmmmmm"


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