Monday, January 24, 2011

Going for Seven.

The Steelers are in.  The Feb 6th game against the Packers should be a good one, a departure from the majority of Super Bowls when the best games played were the playoff ones to get to the Big Game.  This will be a chance for Pittsburgh to get their 7th Super Bowl ring....

...for those counting, the Iggles are still dreaming of Ring #1.

And this is all good for Pittsburgh, a truly beautiful American city.  Don't beleive me?

Check out these great panorama shots taken by the Pittsbugh Post-Gazette's Steve Mellon.

Last night prior to the Jets-Steelers game, on the water.  (click on the button to enlarge the screen and then "arrow" yourself around.  A beautiful (freezing) night in the 'Burgh.

..and if that was interesting for you, there's Mr. Mellon's views of:
The Andy Warhol Museum
St Nicolas Croatian Catholic Church (my favorite of Mr. Mellon's pictures)
U of Pittsburgh's Cathedral of Learning
Carnegie-Mellon University's College of Arts
Anything that Floats Race on the North Shore
St Nicholas Croatian Catholic Church (version# 2)
Kennywood Park, site of the must-see film Adventureland.

More there if you care to spend your free time.  But, seriously folks,  you've got to get to the 'Burgh to see all of the places in person.


i know you have a personal connection to the city. but, all of this secondary rooting for the steelers is making this son sick.
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