Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sochi: Just 4 Years Away

..and I'm sure that an avalanche of stories will be provided.  I'm been a tad lazy about following up on the happenings over in Russia as regards the Winter Olympic preparations.  Back in July of this year, President Medvedev had launched an investigation on the bribery and criminal activity regarding the Sochi preparations.  Seems that the announcement has had an effect.

"..the increased scrutiny of officialdom has caused the price of bribes to accelerate. Russia's Interior Ministry, which controls the police, announced this week that the average bribe in cases it investigates has grown tenfold in the past two years and doubled in the past six months alone to about $1,500".   So, the police will be building larger dachas on the coastline thanks to President Medvedev's initiative.

The linked article goes on to state, "Basically, the number of bribes may have gone down but the sums of cash changing hands has gone up astronomically," says Masha Lipman, editor of the Moscow Carnegie Center's Pro et Contra journal. "It would make anyone in Russia laugh if you claimed Medvedev's anti-corruption drive has been successful. So, rather than claim success, what he can do is this one-off investigation into one of his own officials."

This is good to know, as far as Sochi's police force is concerned; they would not want too many of their colleagues living too close to them on the Sochi Riviera.


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