Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Plugging the Rumpus

One of the sites I visit 2-3 times a week is Rumpus.net. It's a site run by Stephen Elliot, author of Adderall Diaries, among other things. If you subscribe to the site, he'll put you on his e-mail list and you'll be guaranteed a slanted look on things in his personal life at least 3-4 tiems a week. His e-mails are sometimes a tad depressing but they are never not interesting. I'm hoping to post a piece regarding one of his e-mails dealing with the importance (or not!) of books.

From Rumpus recently, here's Rick Moody with a (too short of an) interview with a shoe sales woman named Lauren. It made me search out my tattered falling apart copy of Studs Terkel's "Working". Great little interview by Mr. Moody; fabulous treat of a book by the late Mr. Terkel, one that is a constant reminder that work is the anchor for one's life.

...and the book's a refutation of John Prine's "How the hell can a person go to work in the morning, come home in the evening and have nothing to say."

While I'm on Rick Moody, here's a piece he wrote last week for the NYT. It's about his young daughter, Hazel, who's busy teaching him. That's what daughters do, they're busy being the child who's father to the man.


This was the first I'd heard of Rumpus -- thanks for the introduction. I'm not likely, however, to subscribe to the e-mail notices: CP has given me orders to buck up and put on a happy face.
It's worth subscribing to...no matter what CP sez. She's too darn pleasant and exuding of a positive nature! Must be the wafting smells of those cow chips, I reckon.
First of all, I am never pleasant! Plump, yes, but pleasant?

Puh-leeze. I just can't escape my southern belle upbringing where Politeness and Small Talk trumped learning the elements table.

I lie....through my teeth, and other body parts. It's a well-honed art.

Alas, I would even welcome the earthy scent of barn manure if I could just regain my sense of smell which left me for good some years ago.

Doctors are puzzled with no prescriptions that really work. Not steroid sprays, saline water-boarding, nor vacations in high dry altitudes have enticed my smeller to perform.

It does have the occasional benefit when Navajo tacos are the lunch choice on a long road trip in Monument Valley.
CP & WP,
...my point is proven. She evens complains in a pleasant and pleasing manner! She has to sign up for some Nasty Lessons, before she she can start denigrating herself any longer.

Mebbe you're right.

I was going to copy/paste some Lil Wayne lyrics to be tough enough, but they are really NASTY!

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