Tuesday, November 02, 2010

I'm Not Dead Yet...

....she says.

9:00 PM Tuesday night.
67% of the Delaware districts have reported results.

Coons is in the lead for the U.S. Senate position in question with 56.7% of the votes.

O'Donnell is trailing with 39.8% of the votes.

Reporters at the O'Donnell campaign celebration site in Dover are saying that the O'Donnell campaign is NOT conceding.  The folks at that "celebration" are watching a video of their candidate.   The video, professionally done, was never aired and the staff is suggesting a conspiracy with the local media as to why it wasn't shown.  This train wreck of a political campaign is still chugging along, regardless of the fact that there is no track left.

The way her campaign's been managed, expect to hear tomorrow that there was a general conspiracy by the voters in Delaware who didn't vote for her as regards her campaign's failure.  So,  if you live in Delaware there's a possibility that 31,898 (a this point in time) of us will be served legal papers.   hope they're serving Dogfish Head IPA at the courthouse.....


Forty percent of the vote ... how is it possible?! You'd think she'd be ridden out on a rail, a la Homer Stokes.
Thanks for the comment. I'll reply with a post instead of a comment in hopes of explaining why the tar, feather, & rail mode of transportation was not used. Delaware is a funky little place....
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