Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Hopefully, After Today This Will Be The Last Time...

... that I ever have to mention her name.

From FactCheck.org,  this post today:

Monty Python Award for Illogical Witch finding
To: Christine O’Donnell, running for Senate in Delaware

Hoping to stem the flood of mockery resulting from footage of her claiming to have dabbled in witchcraft, GOP candidate O’Donnell went public with what may become the most enduring campaign slogan since "read my lips": "I'm not a witch … I’m you." As if mere denials ever got someone off the hook for witchery! Perhaps we need to break out the scales and the duck.

O'Donnell's ad steps into a logical minefield even more absurd than the classic Monty Python "if she weighs the same as a duck, she’s made of wood" argument (which, incidentally, we analyzed here). The 2001 American Religious Identification Survey found that 134,000 people in the United States identified as Wiccans — that was a fifteen fold increase over the 1990 survey, and by now may be much larger if the trend has continued. Even using 2001 numbers, if we assume a relatively consistent spread of Wiccans over the United States, there would be 400 people in Delaware who consider themselves witches. If Christine O'Donnell is them, then she is a witch, but she’s not a witch, she’s them, but they're witches, so she is a witch, and so on until your head explodes.

My take on the Delaware Senate Elections, with no slight intended toward Chris Coons:
1) Republican friends thought Mike Castle was too liberal.
2) Democratic friends thought Mike Castle was too Republican.
3) I thought Mike Castle was on the conservative side of Moderate
4) There was general agreement that Mike Castle was willing to work with the Other party.
5) There was general agreement that Mike Castle was a person willing to listen to opposing lines of thought.
6) Everyone agreed that Mike Castle was a fine governor.

Therefore, my preference and the person I would have voted for had I the opportunity in the Delaware U.S. Senatorial contest was Mike Castle, the unfortunate loser in the Republican primary here.  It was a shame and an insult to a person who had provided years of responsible duty to this state.  For Mr. Castle to lose to such a shallow and irresponsible person as O'Donnell was beyond logical comprehension.  It was simply, IMHO, an embarrassment for the state of Delaware.

Hopefully, this embarrassment will be partially negated by Mr. Coon's victory tonight.  It's time to send these unqualified, self-involved, clueless pretenders to power a clear message.


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