Sunday, October 31, 2010

Saturday on the Mall with Jon & Steven

Some foreign countries seem to be concerned with our national sanity.   All opinions were welcome on this day.

The O'Jays, a surprise musical guest, gets the crowd agitated, in a good way, when they take to the stage, with The Roots as back-up musicians, to do their signature song, "Love Train".  Note here:  No one in the visual scope of this blogger was able to re-create the dance moves of the linked YouTube.  Luckily for all of us as there were no masseuses available for the possible pains resulting from all of that jolting & jiving.

Unlike most of the crowd, some characters were losing their heads over the sheer joy of being here in D.C. on such a gorgeous day sharing moments with like-minded raitonal beings.

Just one example of many showing the crowd's reaction at the multitude of pithy and not so pithy humourous remarks.  Much hilarity ensued at various times but sanity reigned so the D.C. firemen never had to draw their hoses to calm down the Fear-less crowds.

Folks from all states seem to be embarrassed with what their politicians are up to.

Delaware AGAIN makes the news.

More text and observations to follow shortly....Pics as well.

N.B.:  CLICK on the images for a MUCH LARGER version.


"Christine" and "Masturbate" ... and "Delaware" for that matter ... should never be in the same sentence.
I agree, Sir. It all sounds like the makings of a blue horror novel by Stephen King.

Hopefully, after tomorrow's results, Delaware will be restored to the sedate, well-mannered, and keep-certain-things-private state that is was before certain people left Jersey to bring their half-baked opinions here.

Fingers and toes are crossed, candles are burning, and Sanity is hoped for.
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