Wednesday, October 06, 2010

My Apologies Go Out To All Dogcatchers....

...and Animal Control Agents when I reply to the inquiry from my Republican friends in Delaware as to what my thoughts are on their party's choice for this November's US Senate election for our state.

My thoughts on Christine O'Donnell could not be better expressed than the opinion voiced by the Head of the Republican Party in Delaware, Tom Ross, when the primaries were still being run in our fair state.  Mr Ross stated that she "could not be elected dogcatcher".  As she has taken to the mattresses recently and is not available for conversation outside a few selected members of her splintered party, I have to assume that Mr. Ross, being the leader of Delaware's Republican Party would have a much better feel for her capabilities to represent Delaware in a distinguished and effective manner than I would, a party outsider.

So, if his thoughts had her as incapable of achieving election at that position, I have to accede to his more robust knowledge base and agree in total with his words of wisdom.

Again, my apologies to the fine Animal Control Agents who keep us safe from creatures of indeterminate affiliations.


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